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Promotional efforts for the Guide are on-going each and every month. Search Engine results are monitored, and adjustments made when necessary. Efforts are made to increase rankings for appropriate search terms.

A specific number of visitors and/or specific search engine results can not be guaranteed ... but your happiness is - unconditionally! If, at any time, you wish to cancel your listing in the Florida Real Estate Guide, you will receive a prompt, pro-rated refund.

Of course, a successful Web Site requires more than promotion! Web site content, design, and technical implementation all impact a visitors desire to contact you. But without traffic, even a great looking web site will fail to achieve business success.

The FLORIDA REAL ESTATE GUIDE has grown from over 5 years experience developing & promoting Real Estate web sites, while the number of such sites available on the web continues to explode daily. "Rising above the crowd" in the search engines, to paraphrase our friends at ReMax, has become a major challenge.

It looks easy when you see the results ... but believe me ... getting this type of Top Ranking for common search terms is not a trivial task. And staying up there is just as hard. And, there are always more places to advertise. Effort must be invested each month in the marketing of your web site to keep business flowing in.

It can be done ... but it takes considerable expense or time & expertise. Much too much for the average real estate agent.

A Win-Win situation is created when resources of several agents are combined to implement a Major Internet Marketing Program. And, is affordable to all.

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