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How to Generate the Market Snapshot directly from Top Producer 7i

It only takes 3 clicks to set up the process of delivering the Market Snapshot from a contact record in Top Producer 7i.

Todays Activities
Generate Market Snapshot
Generate Market Snapshot
View the Market Snapshot
View the Market Snapshot

Step 1

Select the contact record from the Dashboard to pull up the Detailed Contact Record window.

Step 2

Choose "Generate Market Snapshot".

Step 3

A Market Snapshot Request window will open. It will automatically be populated with the contactís information. View and edit if needed.

Then click Generate Market Snapshot to start the process.

Your Email

An e-mail with your branding is sent to the prospect that contains a link to the Market Snapshot.

Market Snapshot

The default is set to generate the Market Snapshot every 4 weeks however the prospect or client can set their preference - ranging from every 2 to 8 weeks.

You will be notified every time a prospect receives a Market Snapshot.

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