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TOP PRODUCER® 8i is the CENTRAL COMPONENT of a Suite of Agent Productivity Products designed to make the Real Estate Agent more productive, assisting them to provide better client services, and help them sell more real estate.

A completely Internet-based Sales and Marketing System for REALTORS® who want more productively and more sales in today's increasingly competitive marketplace, TOP PRODUCER® 8i provides all the tools needed to save time, stay organized, and to control prospecting, follow-up, listing & closing activities.

Agents of these National Franchises may order a Branded version of TOP PRODUCER® 8i containing verbiage, art work, and other proprietory marketing presentation material specific to the franchise:
Coldwell Banker
Coldwell Banker
Century 21
Century 21
GMAC Real Estate
Keller Williams
Keller Williams
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Functionality of the Generic Version and the Branded Versions is the same.

Single Agent, Partnership & Team versions provide for a variety of business relationships. Everyone on your team can be using the same database, always up-to-date, never having to synchronize different computers.
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The benefits of TOP PRODUCER® 8i are available via an affordable Monthly Subscription.
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The Suite of TOP PRODUCER® 8i Agent Productivity Products include:
8i is the basic MUST HAVE product for every Residential Real Estate Agent. 8i provides an online, Real Estate specific Contact Manager with facilities to help you stay in touch with clients and prospects, control Listings and Closings, prepare Flyers, select from a wide range of CMA presentation formats, schedule your time, watch your finances, and much much more.

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TOP PRODUCER® 8i for Blackberry®
Access all your TOP PRODUCER® 8i data via your Blackberry®. One Click Wireless synchronization.

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To take full advantage of TOP PRODUCER®8i's Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Presentation capability, the TOP CONNECTOR add-on program is recommended to allow importation of comparable property pictures, text, and data directly from your MLS system.

As the leading real estate sales and marketing productivity system provider, Top Producer has established alliances with the major Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Realtor Associations across North America.

TOP CONNECTOR 8i a ONE-TIME purchase for the TOP PRODUCER® 8i subscriber.

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An add-in component for your desktop version of Microsoft Outlook. The TOP PRODUCER® OUTLOOK CONNECTOR allows you to use Outlook rather than My Email as your primary email application while maintaining the ability of creating connections between email messages and contact records (that is, maintaining email messages in a contact's history).

OUTLOOK CONNECTOR a ONE-TIME purchase for the TOP PRODUCER® 8i subscriber.

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TOP PRODUCER® 8i Product Details

TOP PRODUCER® 8i is an Online Real Estate Specific Contact Manager, with facilities to help you stay in touch with clients and prospects, control Listings and Closings, prepare Flyers, select from a wide range of CMA presentation formats, schedule your time, watch your finances.

Accessible via the Internet from anywhere you might be - office, home, vacation, traveling - Top Producer is the real estate industry's Top Selling Real Estate Sales & Marketing Software.

You and your assistants can access your data from anywhere a high-speed Internet connect is available via MicroSoft's Internet Explorer browser.

No computer networking expertise required! Just a computer with and an internet connection (high speed recommended)!

TOP PRODUCER® 8i includes all the functionality of real estate industries #1 selling desktop based TOP PRODUCER 6i (no longer available), plus many additional capabilities, all accessible via any Windows computer connected to the Internet. No more Data Synchronization necessary to access data from Home, Office, or while traveling.

TOP PRODUCER® 8i is well suited to individual agents, partnerships, and teams who would like to have access for themselves, and possibly partners and/or assistants, from different machines in different locations without the hassle of keeping databases synchronized. This ability to access TOP PRODUCER® 8i from any Windows computer with Internet Access can be a real asset to the agent on the go.

TOP PRODUCER® 8i is tightly integrated with the Internet, providing easy interface to an agents website for the introduction of website generated leads into the client database, ease of providing web based information to clients, and ease of emailing contacts.

TOP PRODUCER® 8i provides:
  • Comprehensive Contact Management specific to the needs of Real Estate Agent
  • Lead Management
  • Action plans
  • Extensive action plan, flyer/letter libraries
  • Automatic personalization of marketing materials
  • Word Processor and Flyer Designer
  • Referral Management
  • Listing Control and Management
  • Seller and Buyer Service Reports
  • Personal Service Web pages for all your clients
  • Closing Process Control &Management
  • Time & Task Management
  • Scheduler with day, week, month, and year views
  • Complete Income and Expense tracking
  • Client communication via Web &Email
  • Listing Presentation And CMA
  • Customizable CMAs and Buyer presentations
  • Easy Web publishing of flyers, presentations and reports
  • Real Estate specific Email Manager with Mass Email
  • Automatic networking of multiple computers
  • Easy data import from other programs
  • Automatic conversion of® and personal Web site leads into contact records

TOP PRODUCER® 8i's State-Of-The-Art Data Security
With TOP PRODUCER® 8i, the integrity and security of your data is guaranteed. TOP PRODUCER Systems uses the most advanced data security technology and practices available, and is committed to upgrading to more advanced technologies and practices as they become available. Our current data security system includes: TOP PRODUCER System's servers are protected from hackers and viruses passed through the Internet by a series of redundant, state-of-the-art firewalls, as well as by multiple network intrusion detection systems and virus scanners. Additionally, the TOP PRODUCER® 8i system administrators are committed to researching and implementing the most advanced data protection technologies and practices as they become available.
TOP PRODUCER® 8i Guaranteed Data Privacy
TOP PRODUCER Systems will never compromise the privacy of your data. Our integrity and trustworthiness as the long-established, world leader in real estate software solutions is central to our working philosophy. With TOP PRODUCER® 8i your privacy is guaranteed.

TOP PRODUCER System will never disclose, sell or use your data in any way. With TOP PRODUCER® 8i your data's privacy is guaranteed in writing and may be reviewed and printed for your records. The data privacy guarantee is part of our license agreement and is displayed for your agreement during your first login.


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