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Outlook Connector works with Outlook 2003 & 2007


Outlook Sync works with Outlook 2003 & 2007
NOTE: The "old" Top Producer Outlook Connector has been replaced by the improved Top Producer Outlook Sync feature, which is included free with your Top Producer CRM (8i) Subscription.

Outlook Sync allows for the automatic syncing of contacts and calendar activities between your Top Producer account and Outlook.

Just as our customers find TOP PRODUCER® CRM (8i) invaluable for sales, marketing, and contact management, we also know many want to continue using Microsoft Outlook (2007, 2010 or 2013) for day-to-day emails. Now you can have it both ways with the new TOP PRODUCER® Outlook Sync.

TOP PRODUCER® Outlook Sync seamlessly syncs your Outlook appointments and contacts with Top Producer. You can sync your contacts' names, addresses and contact details, as well as the dates, start/end times and reminder settings for your appointments. Staying on top of your calendar and contacts has never been easier! In addition, email integration allows you to copy Outlook email to Top Producer for your records.

Once you have completed the setup, syncs occur automatically at scheduled times. The sync is bidirectional, which means any changes you make to your contacts in Top Producer or Outlook will be reflected in both applications.

Using the Outlook Sync Email Integration:
After you have setup Outlook Sync your Outlook email is integrated with Top Producer in a number of ways. Itís important to note that this integration does not sync your email, but rather enables you to copy email you send/receive in Outlook to Top Producer for your records.

Outlook Sync enables you to do the following:
  • While composing email in Outlook, you can search your Top Producer contacts and add contacts to the recipient list.
  • Copy any email you send/receive in Outlook to Top Producer for your records. Any email that has successfully been copied to Top Producer will display the Top Producer label in Outlook.
  • Launch Outlook when composing email in Top Producer, rather than using Top Producerís Email feature. Top Producer will still be used when sending mass emails or scheduled plan emails.

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